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We are a freelance design engineering company based in northern Utah who will help our customers with difficult problems utilizing SolidWorks CAD software. With our experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, and prototype development we can complete our customers projects on time and within the budget allowed. Our skills have been dedicated to product industries such as Consumer Products, Health Care, Renewable Energy, Sports, Toys and Telecommunications. Our engineering service specializes in designing injection molded plastic and sheet metal components for manufacture but we aim to embrace any challenge that is put in front of us. We are a driven company that takes our professional relationships very seriously and will always strive to meet your expectations and satisfaction on every project.
Share your idea, concept or vision with us so we can help you transform it into a fully manufactured product. With our broad manufacturing knowledge and connections to successful companies we can help you evolve your idea into a tangible product that will surpass your expectations. Submit your project details today by using our contact form below.
  • 3D Animations
  • 3D Mechanical Design
  • 3D Photo Renderings
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Product Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Redesign Existing Product
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Sketch-to-Part Design
  • Surface Design
  • Value Engineering
Here you will find tools and resources to enable us to work with you better. Within our network of professional relationships we are able to collaborate with others and provide you with the best possible service. Please click the icon above to browse through some of our connections.
  1. Toy Jeep Design
    Toy Jeep Design
  2. Custom Chair Design
    Custom Chair Design
  3. Paintball Gun Accessory
    Paintball Gun Accessory
  4. Sheet Metal Designs
    Sheet Metal Designs
  5. Antenna Enclosure
    Antenna Enclosure
  6. Photo Rendering Project
    Photo Rendering Project
  7. Photo Rendering Project
    Photo Rendering Project
  8. Photo Rendering Project
    Photo Rendering Project
  9. Photo Rendering Project
    Photo Rendering Project
  10. Machined Part
    Machined Part
  11. Machined Part
    Machined Part
  12. Photo Rendering Project
    Photo Rendering Project
  13. Halo Spike Rifle
    Halo Spike Rifle
  14. Medical Products
    Medical Products
  15. Head Lamp
    Head Lamp
  16. Water Bottle Design
    Water Bottle Design
  17. Long Range Bullet Design
    Long Range Bullet Design
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